An Inside Look Into How This Trader Manages MILLIONS Professionally in Florida

Managing millions of dollars professionally for clients … from an office situated in the tropics.

Admit it, this thought has crossed your mind. Maybe you have even run the scenario a little bit for how it might work.

Well, your work environment may be paradise, but how would it really work? There is still the stress of the trade, and the added wrinkle of managing the expectations of and communicating with your clients.

Etienne Crete talks to Mike Toma about managing money professionally for clients, and what is really involved.

Managing MILLIONS – How This Trader Trades Professionally in Florida In this episode 210 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Michael Toma, a full-time option & futures trader whom I work with inside the Desire To Trade Academy. Michael recently got a deal to trade millions from investors 210: Managing MILLIONS – How This Trader Trades Professionally in Florida – @MikeToma

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This is a fascinating interview, even if it is too short.

There is the popular myth of hedge fund traders making so much money they have to invent new ways to spend it. And while that is grossly inaccurate, as most hedge funds fail, it also overlooks the fact that those funds that do succeed work insanely hard and endure high stress to make that happen.

Do You Really Want To Manage a Fund?

It’s easy to focus on the millions, or the billions. But those are the results, the effects. What causes them to happen? Because they don’t ‘just happen‘.

Trading is competitive, and there are thousands of professionals working their asses off to achieve winning trades. But managing a fund is more than just winning trades. You have a big pile of capital to diversify across many different instruments. There is risk to manage, clients to communicate with and keep happy, laws, filings, fees to be in compliance with.

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In fact, a deep dive into what it takes to start and succeed as a hedge fund manager is … exhausting. Trading your own account starts looking pretty attractive again.

Know yourself. Is flying a helicopter to work really that important to you? If yes, go for it! If no, be at peace with your identity as a retail trader and live the life that makes you fulfilled and happy.

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